Opening our doors to the world: December 2, 2014 22:42

When a new year rolls around, it generally comes with a new set of goals. Our business is no different. We are thrilled to be taking a step forward into a new phase of our growth. We are opening our doors to the world! After years of filling phone orders and having visitors from 43 states in our boutique, we are finally online! The thought of adding more awesome dogs and exceptional owners into our "circle" is so exciting. 

Our brick and mortar patrons know we are sticklers for perfection, but we are giving ourselves a little wiggle room with the new site. We are launching with a foundation, but have our eye on a bigger goal. To bring our online customers the same superior experience our current customers receive. This means you can expect to see some changes as we get acquainted with our new online store, new products, better options, more information. Our Valentine's selections and gifts will be up for you this week. Together we will grow into something magnificent! So tell your friends, invite your neighbors, and enjoy being part of the Buddy Gourmet family! 

In the shop: 

In addition to bring you health news and information about new products, our blog offers a glimpse into the happenings at the boutique, including special visitors, our test kitchen, and events, like these special guests who paid us a visit right before Christmas:


Some great volunteers from the Clinton Humane Society brought Kane and Star to meet some potential adopters. We made sure this pair of seniors had a Best Day Ever! The lounged on plush beds in between visitors, their crystal biscuit goblets brimming with fresh baked goodness. When they needed a potty break, they strolled down to Four Square park to take a sniff around. We were happy that we could provide these pups a bit of a break from the shelter life. Kane's favorite part? Probably that spoon full of yogurt icing!