Our Culture

Who are we

    We are Team Buddy! And Team Bella, Team Max, Team Roscoe, Team ~insert your dog's name~ Ask anyone helping you in our shop and they will tell you the same thing, "We love our customers, and their owners." It is our philosophy to be on our customers' side, the dogs and cats who rely on us. Founded in 2004, by Maggie Stafford, Buddy Gourmet and Nature's Foundation has revolutionized the way one small Iowa town thought about feeding their pets. This was no small task considering a giant grocery store brand pet food manufacturer is a fixture right across town. As it turned out, their employees are some of our best customers! Not only are we dedicated to creating the most healthful, pure, companion animal nutritional products, we are also dedicated to owner education. When you know better, you can do better by your B.F.F (Best Furry Friend). Our goal is to help you understand your pet's needs: the relationship between what they eat and their over all wellbeing is paramount to any other aspect of their care. Learn more about our history and team members through our blog.


What motivates us

    Who do you love more than your dog? We thought so! The love of our dogs is at the core of what drives our business. Our formulas were decades in the works and our corporation was formed 5 years prior to our debut in the market place. Rigorous feeding trials (that were humane and life changing for dozens of shelter dogs who got a second chance with us), research, and everyday application brought us where we are today. That foundation is as solid as a dogs loyalty. The question we get most? Is there a real Buddy? YOU BET! Our stores name sake is our beloved toy poodle, Buddy, rescue at 14 and totally blind, he is one of our most brilliant living testimonials. At 22 years old, be inspires us daily. We want to maximize the love and the years you get to spend with your pets! Interested in more about who we are? Be sure to follow our blog and sign up for our newsletter, you will learn about product updates and we will be giving you a sneak peak into our lives. We aren't just a brand, we are a lifestyle, the best kind of lifestyle. 

Here are some of our loves, including Buddy on his 22nd birthday! 



What sets us apart

     You can find cute treats (well, maybe not quite as cute as ours) anywhere, but dog biscuits can only be judged by the content of... well... their ingredients. Our ingredient procurement and product formulation are unmatched. We use only natural ingredients that are meant for human consumption and have controlled USA origins. You won't find our treats loaded with salt, sugar, or citric acid. Everything you order is baked fresh and shipped directly to you. Another point of contention we have had with the pet food industry is a lack of standardized allergen labels. With allergen awareness on the rise, we took matters into our own hands. We improved upon the standards set forth for people and adapted them for our kitchen. Cross contamination is a serious problem. How do we avoid it? We keep corn, wheat, soy, and gluten out of our facility. We don't hydrolyze it and pretend it is safe, we know that if you are allergic to something it is best just not to put it in your mouth! A healthful diet can easily be ruined by opening a bag of substandard treats. With Buddy Gourmet, you can even find treats appropriate for elimination diets. As always, we are here for you! Have a question, give us a call Toll-Free 1-877-816-1660 or shoot us an email buddygourmet@gmail.com

How to find us off the web

     In December 2018, after 10 wonderful years, we closed our Main Avenue location in the J.P. Gage Union Hall building in the historic Lyon's District of Clinton, Iowa to move our production to West River Drive in Davenport, Iowa. Due to extreme flooding on the Mississippi River in April 2019 we have not yet re-opened a walk-in retail location, however production and delivery to the Gateway and Quad Cities Areas in both Iowa and Illinois is on going. Please call to order or find out delivery dates for your location. Mail out service is always available online! We look forward to bringing you a fresh retail space in 2020. 


Buddy Gourmet

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